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Resysta is resistant to water, sun, wind and cold

obtained from a renewable resource

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Resysta - One Material Endless Possibilities

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Our aim was to develop a weather and water resistant material with the noble look and feel of wood. A material obtained from a renewable resource, resistant to water, sun, wind and cold. A material which does not splinter over time, saves resources and is always of a consistent, high quality.

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A natural fiber compound ahead of its time

Resysta have the look and feel of natural tropical wood. They are absolutely water-resistant,
weather-proof and UV-resistant, do not crack and are 100% recyclable.

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SWAN wins German Design Award

Sustainable, high-quality and stylish – sounds like our SWAN Chair, which impressed the jury of the German Design Awards in 2021. Thanks to its sustainable and well thought-out design, the chair can be completely disassembled and can thus be totally recycled.



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Anyone who deals with outdoor furniture in the 21st century also has to deal with some urgent questions. It goes without saying that they should be long-lasting but can one also live sustainable with such furniture? Are the furniture and the manufacturing method healthy for our life and that of our descendants? And what actually happens to furniture when they have reached the end of useful life? Resysta is obtained from a renewable resource.


Resysta furniture was created as a reaction to the prevalent production of furniture made of wood that is increasingly being cut down at questionable circumstances. The destructive exploitation of mostly irretrievable forest areas accounts for a large part of our environmental problems.


A lot of furniture is produced quickly and cheaply and is discarded after a short period of time. An important step towards more sustainability is to provide our furniture with longevity. Of course, this applies primarily to the durability of the material. All our products are designed to be outdoors all year round, even when not protected by a roof. The durability of the design is of great importance. Nobody gets rid of their furniture if it is still as elegant as it was on the first day after many years.


The superstars among sustainable materials are those that are composed of as many renewable raw materials as possible. Second to none are plant fibers. Unfortunately, most biological material is not very weather resistant. Resysta consists of more than 60% of very finely ground rice husks combined with rock salt and mineral oil in a complex process. Rice grows on the doorstep of most countries and rice husks are still considered an unusable waste product of food production. The result is as strong as it is beautiful, withstands water and saltwater, is frost-resistant, and will not crack or splinter.

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